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Monday, June 23, 2014

Quilt Show, Part 1 - The Yurt

Friday was my sojourn to the International Quilt Fest.  Let me start by saying then I have been fortunate to attend this show every year that's it been held in Chicago, although I've never taken any of the numerous workshops offered - just never worked out in my schedule.   

The quilts on exhibit were AMAZING!!!  There was something for everyone to appreciate.  I'll be sharing the ones I did take pictures of over the next few days.  

It was cool to see the yurt exhibit with all the new four seasons panels hanging on it.

Okay - here's the scoop you've all been waiting for - the shopping!  The vendors were great - awesome selections of fabrics, threads, patterns, designs, notions, tools, etc.  What I didn't find was embellishments that would work for the Wicked quilt. Bummer! Since my budget was earmarked specifically for that, I didn't really look for much else.

So there I was wandering up & down the aisles and aisles of booths and somehow, I'm not exactly sure how, these beautiful batiks ended up in my backpack.

Believe it or not - that's is all I purchased.  Given my shopping maven status - this is really quite unbelievable.  

1 comment:

  1. That seems like very restrained shopping.

    The yurt looks great - I love all the different seasonal quilts. How nice to see your own right by the door where no-one can miss it!