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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Good News, the Not-So Good and the Plan

First off - Belated Happy Father's Day!!

Wil was off doing his thing for most of Father's Day Sunday, but I sent him off after a yummy breakfast and welcomed him home with dinner...reservations!   My own Dad is on vacation in sunny Florida, having a great time, though I did talk with him on the phone.  Funny thing is he had to call me - he doesn't always have his cell phone on & I knew my folks had plans for today with my aunt & uncle.  My day has been spent at home.

I transplanted the lavender to the west side of the house.  The pot it was in is now home to a small cherry tomato plant. The grass got cut and I spent some time with paper and pencils.

The good news is I have a plan for the sashing and borders of the Daring Downton Debacle quilt!  Yes - the sashings will be pieced, though not intricately & no triangles are involved!  The flange idea has been scrapped - just not going to work with the way the rows are being set in.  However, I am keeping the eyeliner idea, using a narrow (half inch) black outlining strip around the rows instead of the flange.

This is the plan as last you saw it.

Here is the new plan - with sashings and borders colored in.  

Not the greatest picture but you get the idea
For the sashing, I wanted to keep the light center to dark edge progression that the rows have but to follow the final month's guidelines, I can only use Downton Fabric.  I decided to limit the palette to the greens and blues for both the sashings and borders.  Hopefully, this keeps the focus of the light, pinks and oranges in the rows, letting them shine. 

Of course, nothing comes together without a hitch - this quilt included.  The not-so good?  I'm short on fabric. I need a quarter yard or FQ of the light blue and a yard & a half of the dark blue. That's it - not too bad.  I'm hoping I can find what I need without too much trouble.  The fabric originally released last November & we all know how quickly fabric disappears, never to seen again.  DH might be visiting some quilt shops for me this week, after I make some phone calls. 
Fingers crossed.

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  1. I like it! Good luck with finding the fabric you need to get it done.