A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Weekend - Part 3, The Wrap Up

It was a great road trip - short but sweet.  I headed out Friday evening and came back Sunday afternoon. 

Hard to believe, this is my luggage pile for a day and a half - only another quilter would understand.

The coolest thing piece of luggage is the ArtBin rolling tote. It was a second prize award in the Midland Michigan Historical Society quilt contest a few years back.  I can fit a ton of tools, fabric and supplies in it. 

Here's a tip for keeping projects organized and recycle at the same time.  Rather than buying plastic storage project boxes, I use shoe boxes with flip tops.  They stack, they are sturdy & reusable.

Even with all of this in the back of the Element, I managed to fit in some plants for the backyard planters.  Got them planted up Sunday afternoon.

Violet Wave petunias and white pansies

Salmon geraniums, violet Wave petunias and white pansies

Back to the design wall for my next Challenge.


  1. Had to smile at your pile of luggage!

    Did you paint your outdoor setting, or did it come in those colours? Either way, I love the colour scheme.

  2. I really like your outdoor furniture too!