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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Half Day Road Trip

Yes, I have moments of insanity.  I freely admit to them.  Quite a number of them involve me getting into the driver's seat with a wild, hair-brained idea and a full tank of gas. 

Like Monday.

The DH was on his trip, I wanted more lavender plants, we needed cat & dog food, and maybe 2 more pairs of capri pants like the navy ones I had bought 2 weeks ago at the outlet mall...the outlet mall in Michigan City, Indiana.

Hmm - looked like a road trip to me. 

Here's the catch - while I had taken Monday off work, I didn't want to spend the whole day out, I wanted to sew and I had a nasty sinus issue going on. I could deal with those constraints.  

Up at 4:45 am, out of the house & on the road at 5:30 am. Round trip (263 miles, estimated drive time 5 hours) with stops at the nursery, the Michigan House, gas station, feed store & outlet store. Back home at 12:30 pm, in time for lunch - all of that in 7 hours!

The final score - 3 lavender plants, 2 silver mounds, cat & dog food, and no capri pants (sold out - bummer). I also discovered that the Michigan house grass hadn't been cut after I had made arrangements two weeks ago!  GRRR!!!

The new lavender plants join the previous one in front of the front stair hedge.

The silver mound (artemisia) plants got cut in half to be planted in the narrow bed along the west side of the garage.  

This little bed needs more mulch to make the silver mound feel at home

The front pots have really filled in nicely.

Front pots in May

Front pots now

The tomatoes are setting fruit nicely,
Tomatoes in May

Sungold grape tomato

Rainbow Heirloom
even the free small one.

The afternoon was spent on the couch, surrounded by dogs who knew I didn't feel good - very comforting.

Next up - what I got sewn over the weekend.

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  1. Setting off on road trips before the sun came up was what my parents always did!

    Your garden is looking lovely. Those front pots have filled out quickly! It is nice to be reminded what sunshine and warmth look like, as things are a bit bleak and cold here at the moment.