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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quilt show - Part 3, Chicago School of Fusing

The Chicago School of Fusing  is a group of art quilters dedicated to spreading the message of the wonders of fused quilts.  Using vibrant hand-dyed fabrics,  the members create bold, dynamic art quilts with themes ranging from the love of nature to an appreciation of chickens.  
Some of the members ( Frieda Anderson, Ann Fahl, Jane Sassaman, Emily Parson, Robbi Eklow, Laura Wasilowski and August Wasilowski had a special exhibit of their gorgeous fused work. 
Not the best shot - "Press On!" -  Art Quilts from the Chicago School of Fusing
I have admired their work for many years and my recent fused quilts have been strongly influenced by their experience and willingness to share their vast knowledge about fusing techniques, fabrics to use & machine quilting.

I am thrilled to share a few select quilts from "Press On!"

I was thrilled to see these wonderful quilts - something to aspire to in my fused work

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