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Monday, June 29, 2015

Cream Rising to the Top

I started machine quilting on the Pink HST project.  I have at least 4 or 5 different pink threads that would have worked well on the project - if I would have wanted the pink parts quilted.


I have to quilt in the cream pieces.  So what, you ask? 

Well, I'll tell you - I was completely out of the cream thread that matched this cream batik.  ARGH!!!  I have natural, light golden cream, variegated tan/cream, buttercream, tan, etc., but no plain regular cream! Not entirely sure how that happened.  

No, that's not true - I used it all and didn't replace it! 

Bad Quilter! Oh, and second empty spool? I was out of black too! Really Bad Quilter!  Who doesn't keep basics on hand at all times?!

This quilting happened in s-l-o-w motion.  There was very, very little push in my sewing speed over the weekend.  The new meds I am taking are causing some interesting side effects, previously unknown to me, so it's kind of a crap shoot until we figure it all out. 

That most likely means I miss out on the June Focus Through the Prism project, and I haven't finished my May FTtP project yet either!  Sometimes a quilter can only do what she can! 

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  1. Don't be hard on yourself. Achieving anything at all while recovering and dealing with side effects is amazing.