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Monday, June 15, 2015

Small Splash Blocks

Friday was Studio Stitching Therapy Day!

First, I mended a pair of pants for DH.  This required a machine swap, (DH did it as it's probably over my 10 lbs. weight lifting restriction).  And some thread hunting....hmmmm, where on earth did that spool of regular black thread wander off to???  Oh, yeah - it's in Michigan.  And I hadn't bought a replacement one yet. Well, CRAP!  Thankfully, I found a black wound bobbin and a navy wound bobbin - close enough for the mending! 

And then it was on to the small Splash blocks.  I laid out the strips and squares and started swapping the centers around.

Chain stitching made relatively quick work of these.  I did have to completely un-sew one block because I got carried away and used an end square as a third center.  Can't do that as I had exactly, and only exactly, enough pieces to make the blocks - no extras!

Forty-eight small blocks pressed and ready to roll!  

Up next - the layout.  I need to fuss a bit to make sure there is an even distribution of colors and value across the top.  This is where pictures and the sketch will play a big role as I'm not dragging out the foam design panels. 

These blocks were just enough therapy for one day! 

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