A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Introducing...Summer Splash!

Deadlines are my friend!  The plan all along was to dedicate Sunday to machine quilting 'Summer Splash'.

And what a wonderfully, peaceful day I spent in the studio, doing just that!  Sure, I could have pushed harder and finished earlier in the day but didn't - I took lots of breaks, enjoyed my snacks, walked around outside, and just took my time.  And I still finished!

Introducing 'Summer Splash'!

Drake was by my side, as usual, all day - but decided not to show his cute face for the camera. 

Since this is a utility quilt, I chose to machine stitch the binding down.  The binding is made from the gray-toned strips from the pre-cut pack, that I originally excluded from the quilt.  I trimmed them down to 2 inches, pieced the strips into one binding - alternating colors, pressed them in half, attached it first to the back of the quilt, brought it to the front and straight stitched it down.  

Summer Splash has already been chucked in to the washer and dryer!

Love the softer look of the early evening pictures, after washing and I caught Drake in this one.

Crinkled up and ready to use!  Good thing - I need it tomorrow!


  1. I will be thinking of you, warm squishes!

  2. Oh what a wonderful and vibrant quilt! I machine bind all of the time!