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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Splash!

More Sitting Up & Stitching Therapy!

Saturday was National Sewing Machine Day, which I celebrated by cleaning and oiling the FWs.  I had recently purchased an original replacement bobbin case as Wild Cherry came without one.  I had been using Dot's in her to do all my recent piecing.  Well, when I tried the new replacement bobbin case in Dot - I had nothing but tension issues and broken threads. Oh NO!!!  Hmmm - what to do?? Of Course! Cross you fingers and try out the replacement in Wild Cherry. It worked!! Now each FW has it's own bobbin case. YAY!!!

On to sewing!  Well, not technically. I actually laid out the color grid for the Splash quilt on paper first.

Then it was on to sewing. Here is half of the actual blocks laid out on the table.

And the other half already sewn & hanging on the design wall.

A little more sewing and ... I have a finished TOP!
Introducing 'Summer Splash'

It still needs a good pressing and better pictures outside. Hoping to get this sandwiched and quilted by the end if the weekend. Fingers crossed again.

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  1. I'm impressed! It looks great, and came together so quickly.