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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Other Green Bits

I haven't hit the studio yet as the last two days had me out and about.  A visit to the Doctor, having 29 staples removed, was Monday's adventure.  Yesterday, I was able to finally retrieve the Element from the garage at work were it's been for two weeks, along with my files and laptop.

 Yep - I drove my own truck. It was a bit scary and so very liberating at the same time.

Today, I am hoping to drive the Featherweight for awhile.  and finish piecing the green project. The DH, was already quite busy this morning cutting the grass in the back yard. The temp is supposed to reach 90 today, so it was good to have this chore behind him early.

Given my current state of restricted activity for the next two months, this year's planting was limited to 12 plants - TOTAL! 

Sorry about the sideways pictures - they just didn't want to cooperate today.

I chose to go simple in the back yard - only 3 plants in each of two long planters. Geranuims, petunias, vinca vine and sweet potato vine. 

The rest of the plants are in the front pots.

And the shade garden I planted last year has become rather sunny when the HOA cut down the tree right outside of our fence.   

The hostas could probably use a splitting already this year but that will have to wait until next year.  They are thriving - to say the least! 

Hoping to share some fabric progress tomorrow.

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  1. Some warmth and sunshine sounds good! The garden will look pretty, even with only 12 new plants.