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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Little Bit of Pebbling Got Done

Okay, so I need to fit quilting in when I can and I did just that Tuesday night.

It's not a ton of work to share but here are the first four outer sections machine quilted in a pebble pattern.

It really is drawing in the finished size so most likely borders of some kind will get added to this piece.

While working on this, I did have to stop, clean & oil the machine due to a squeak. 

A really annoying squeak.

A really annoying squeak that the oiling did not fix!

It was really getting on my nerves but it turns out it was the darning foot spring that squeaking. 

Glad it wasn't something more serious, requiring a trip to the service man. With luck, the remainder of the machine quilting will get done this week.

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  1. Your quilting is looking marvellous! How do you decide what design to quilt? That's a bit of a roadblock for me.