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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hanging by a Thread

As I predicted, I ran out of the Sulky 30 wt. cotton Blendables thread in the soft blacks color I am using to machine quilt DH's 'Grey is Not a Color' quilt.  

Some quick calculations revealed that I have over 450 yards of thread going into just the quilting of this project.  Seeing as this spool is only 500 yards and previously partially used, it's no wonder I ran out. 

If I had been thinking ahead when I first started in on the piecing of this UFO, I could have grabbed a spool back when I did the Shop Hop in mid-March.  Since I had a day of errands planned, I just seriously altered my route (it's 30 miles one way) to get to the quilt shop that carries this thread. Fortunately, they had 1 spool of it on hand - I called ahead!  I  also called every other shop that lies between here and there to see if any of them carried it, with no luck. Oh well, a quilter's got to do what a quilter's got to do!

When I posted that I was up to the quilting on the fourth quarter, that didn't include the outside edge row that was missing the backing.  

Yesterday was the day to fix all of that.  I peeled back the top and batting, trimmed off the selvage edge, and stitched on the extra backing strip.  

It worked well! Then I re-pinned the layers and continued with the quilting.

As of this morning, I only have the last quarter to go! If I get lucky with stitching time, I will be able to join the quarters today.   The back of the joining seams will be hand stitched in place but I am considering doing the binding all by machine. 

This quilt is needing to get finished!  I am working up against two deadlines that I can't quite talk about yet.  As soon as a few things are settled, I'll share them here. It's good news - I promise!

Road trip tomorrow before the crack of dawn and I may be offline for a few days but I'll take some pictures.

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