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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Basket Gifts and a Little Outside Project

I got off work early last Friday - perfect for fitting in a few errands before dinner.  One stop was to Menard's for some DH project supplies.  And his Easter Basket gift

We also hit the grocery store, where I added a box of gourmet bakery cookies to his goodie basket.  Very non-traditional, but he really doesn't need jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.  And the hinting for this drill has been going on for months! 

My Easter basket gift was some fabric

and some backing fabric

Since it's still too early to work in the garden,  I was itching to get something done outside - anything to enjoy the warm temps and sunshine.  So the truck became the object of my attention.  Later this year, my Honda element turns 10 years old and she was starting to show some age spots on her wheels.

A little Rustoleum hammered silver paint and she's looking shiny!

Next week, I'll be putting on a second coat and then she's  ready for some road trips!

Nothing coming up on the calendar but that can always change. 

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