A View of My Quilt Life

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!




Signs of Spring 
are popping up around here!  

I am so excited to see the daylillies sprouting in the backyard.  
A few crocuses bloomed and there are some tulip leaves - no flowers yet.  

Yes, I know the Dusty Miller needs to be dealt with - they're looking like space alien mushroom plants.  I planted them a few years ago and normally they are annuals in my neck of the woods but they have come back every Spring since.  They LOVE this spot and are apparently sheltering the more tender bulbs, or completely taking over this narrow bed.  I like to plant purple kale in between the dusty  millers for some cool color and contrast.

If you look really, really, really closely you'll see the fainest flush of lime green buds on the forsythia...

but it may be only wishful thinking!  Time for some soil amendment and a new layer of mulch here.  I am itching to get into the dirt but it's another month (May 15th) yet before the threat of frost is past.

I have a finish to share with you tomorrow and a new beginning that has to be done in a week. It's not fully designed yet so I'll be in the studio most all day. 

Temps are heading up to the high 60's, with beautiful sunny skies. Time to pull out the gas grill and fire it up.  A celebration dinner of grilled steaks and Tater-Tots is planned for today. 

Happy Easter!


  1. Happy Easter Cherry! We spent all day yesterday working in the yard, big jobs got started and will be finished today.

    I will be making a cherry pie for your brother today - Hammish is 55 today. Where did all the time go.

    hugs, Scarlet

  2. Happy spring! It's lovely to see those little bits of green popping out.