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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Need a New Challenge Like I Need a Hole in My Head

But that's exactly what I signed up for!

The Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge is underway!  Back in February, while wandering around online, I found this challenge.  In order to participate, you have to be a MQG member.  I'm really not much of a joiner but MQG has individual memberships, in addition to all of the member guilds.  So I joined, quickly signed up for the challenge.

Last week, my packet of fat eighths arrived!   The Michael Miller challenge is to make something quilted using as many or as few of the challenge fabrics.  We are allowed to add any Michael Miller printed or solid fabrics to our piece as desired. 

Here are the challenge fabrics:

And after hitting a LQS, this is what I have as my palette.  I also have some Michael Miller stripes lurking in the stash.

I have no idea what I am making but I need to decide quick - deadline is June.  I'm thinking maybe a baby quilt.  Is there a self help group for challenge addiction?  

It was great to hang fabric on the clothes line to dry on the warm sunny Easter Sunday we had.

Hope you have an terrific Tuesday!

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  1. I think you just love a challenge!

    I'll enjoy watching from the sidelines, seeing what you make.