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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Turned Around and Quilting Away

Sometimes you need to struggle awhile before the brain kicks in gear.  I was struggling to see the white thread on the white fabric and tell where I was going with the pebble quilting.  I re-positioned the quilt, I moved my Ott light repeatedly, I may even have said a few bad words and my shoulders kept riding up around my ears. Not. Good.

And then it hit me - turn the quilt around to keep the quilting working from the center toward the edge and quilt away from yourself!   I remembered back to late last summer when I was practicing my free motion quilting, following the lessons from Diane Gaudynski and this was exactly the direction I was supposed to be working from.  

It made all the difference in the world!  My shoulders dropped, I could see where I was and where I needed to head and the whole quilting process smoothed out.  

Not to mention I got a lot more quilting done it a short amount of time.  There are only four small sections remaining to be quilted.  I'll be knocking that out this morning right after some grocery shopping.  That leaves the borders to be decided.  I need to get this quilt finished this weekend as the deadline is looming closer and closer. Maybe this needs a narrow flange, too. So much to think about...

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