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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another April Finish!

Hot on the heels of the Sauder Challenge finish, I decided that I was going to design, piece and quilt the Yurt Challenge hanging in a week's time. 

Of course, it's my own dang fault I had to compress the process!  I've had this since last June and dragged my heels big time!!   I should have picked a different season but I chose Winter.  I am a Summer child - Winter holds no appeal to me whatsoever.   Not an excuse but it sure didn't help the process in the least.
I started by drafting snowflake blocks - 1 large (22") and 2 mediums (12").  I also drafted 3 smaller block (6") but decided not to piece them - too fussy. 

Large block

Medium blocks in progress

Medium blocks done

Here the pieces are coming together

The sections are joined to each other 

Introducing:  Snow Crystals

Honestly, I'm not entirely thrilled with it. There are definitely things I would do differently.  As I was assembling the top, I came up with a better design/layout but it was way too late to start over piecing new blocks. 

Lesson learned...hopefully. 

Next up - I need to go draft some blocks for foundation piecing the 4th row of the Daring Downton Debacle challenge quilt. 

And I need to get a head start on the MQG Michael Miller fabric challenge. Not letting  myself lollygag around on these two projects.

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