A View of My Quilt Life

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Showers!

Snow Showers that is!  
Driving home from work (and how weird that is for me to say) Monday evening this was the view out my truck window.

About an hour later, the further west I went, the more the snow was accumulating on the grass.

Needless to say, this was enough to slow down my commute but not as much as what I discovered Tuesday morning.

After scraping the thin layer of ice from my windshield, I realized that I had a completely flat rear tire!  DRAT!!!

Thankfully, I was able to use DH's car while he dealt with the flat.  Of course, as his car never moved out of the driveway during Monday's snow, I had 3 inches of snow and a good half inch of ice to chisel off.

No, April snow is not uncommon.  It's just something we all have seen too much of this Winter and we're really, really, really ready for Spring to stay sprung!


  1. Oh, that looks very wintry! It must warm up for you soon - it is starting to feel a little chilly here at night so we know winter is on its way to us.

  2. 80 one day, snow the next. What a crazy winter and spring. We've had freezing temperatures overnight and all the flowers and blooming trees are looking pretty bad. What we would give for rain..lol Will it ever just rain?? Stay warm, Cherry.