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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Almost Ready for Prime Time Binding!

'Grey is Not a Color' but it is almost a finished quilt.  I powered through the machine quilting as fast as I could last week and on Thursday, I focused on joining the quilted quarters.  I thought some pictures would show you my process.

One quarter is trimmed to the seam allowance through all three layers.  The quarter that it will be stitched to, has its batting and backing pinned back out of the way.

The trimmed quarter
 It is then pinned, right sides together and stitched on the quarter inch seam allowance.  

The excess batting is carefully cut away.  Then the extra seam allowance of the backing is trimmed.

The backing is folded under and pinned in place.  I hand stitch this in place, much like a binding.  

Not as straight as I'd like it but I can adjust it as I hand sew the seams.
Once that sewing is done, any quilting that needs to be added over the joined quarters  would be done.  This extra quilting also flattens the joining seams on the back and makes them less noticeable.

Only thing missing now is the binding.  Not sure what I am going to use - probably will piece the binding from some of the leftover color blocks fabric. I don't think I have enough of the sashing fabric to use as the binding.

Really need to have this done by Wednesday, April 9th - TOMORROW - for my Sweet Man!

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