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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bamboo Shoots and Cotton Bolls

What do Bamboo Shoots and Cotton Boils have in common?

My newest investment in hand dyed fabric!

I ran it through the washing machine, using Synthrapol and warm water. It was too nice of a day to not take advantage of nature's drying machines - sun & wind!

It photographed a little 'hot' and no amount of tweaking it will make the picture better.  More importantly, I liked the hand of the fabric after washing.

The piece of fabric was created by Rebecca Kemble - Designs on Ice.  Check out her website.  She uses 54" wide, 50% bamboo/50% cotton, 200 thread count fabric.   I just *had* to have this piece.  It was pure indulgence and I don't feel guilty in the least! 

I bought it at the WI Quilt Expo and also asked permission to photograph the fabric part of her booth just for this blog.  

I did not take any pictures of her quilt design sample or patterns.  To see those, click the above link & check them out.

For now, this fabric is going into the stash, but I did have an idea or two for it.  We'll just have to see what happens.

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