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Friday, September 19, 2014

Nine Patch Cross Sections - Time for the Greens

An idea struck for the Nine Patch Quilt.  I (hopefully) figured out a plan for the green cross sections - It will look something like this:

The sections are of various lengths but the widths are all the same - finishing at 7.5 inches.  The sections will be made up of 3 strips, with each strip having - you guessed it - 9 pieces.  All four section will be constructed the same, though color placement will vary.  That was the easy part.

The slightly harder part will be getting the 9 fabrics in just the right color values for the progression so the it appears light is playing across the surface.  I had been thinking green all along for these sections but I'm leaning more toward the seafoam to teal progression.  Most of my green batiks  tend toward the greyed, muted olive-y shades - much to subdued for the clear blues and the bright accent piece.

I'll be sorting fabric & getting these constructed over the weekend.  At least, that's the plan...

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