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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cutting Outside the Box

Actually, it was outside the house.

More specifically, it was outside the Michigan House.  Dad had done the pruning of the privets on the south lot and needed me to handle the resulting brush pile, the vine from heck, and the privets on the north lot.  

Okay, I can handle a little cutting - you know, take a little off the top.  What I didn't realize is that it was the year of the Hard Prune.  

See all those stubs about a foot tall?  That's what left after Dad tackled the 6 foot high hedge. CRAP! This is no little trim job!  Here's my hedge after a few hours. 

And the brush pile?  To green to burn, I called the Man with a Truck to haul it all away.  

 Not sure how much he's going to charge but it needed to be dealt with and he's the one to do it, not me!  I going to suggest to Dad that we revert to a 'one third, every year' pruning schedule for the privets.

And the vine from heck.  Here's the before picture...

And the after picture. After I took my big pruners to it!

We weren't the only ones pruning the vegetation. The local deer have had a field day with the hostas this summer.

Now I can get back to cutting inside the studio!

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