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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

color, Color, COLOR!!!

 I’m not a ‘quilt book’ person by nature.  I don’t have an extensive library.  

But, I LOVE books about quilt history & theory - these books are my back up inspiration sources when I get ‘stuck’.  It happens to all of us – you just get stuck and need a helping hand to get us back on the right path, out of the rut of indecision, shaking up studio, taking the vision that’s in our heads and putting it into quilt design.

Last week, while catching up on a backlog of blog reading, I ran across a post by Wanda Hanson (Exuberant Color) about a new book.  It turns out that one of her quilts has been published again.  It's an amazing color wash piece!!

Exuberance by Wanda Hanson, 45" x 64"

 Well, that peaked my curiosity.  Wanda uses mostly batiks and COLOR in her quilts.  She was letting us readers know not only about her quilt in the book, but the book itself and then in a later post, reviewed the book

It’s “Color Play” (second edition) by Joen Wolfrom.  While I never explored the first edition of this book, I now own the new one, thanks to Amazon.  Joen has long been a teacher of color and quilting.  “Visual Dance” (2009) is another one of her titles, which I do own. Great inspiration! 

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and devour ‘Color Play’…yet.   It's not just color theory - it has a fabulous gallery of many artists work.  Wonder what I’ll be inspired to create after I read it.  I'm thrilled to add this title to my collection.

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  1. It's tempting, but I am overwhelmed packing the books I already own at the moment. But this one looks good!