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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beginning with the Blue Batiks

It’s time to face the blue batiks!  For this project in particular, value is critical.   Traditional Nine Patch quilts use very specific placement of values or colors.  For me – it’s all about the value and I had a scramble of blue batiks on the table.

NOT going to work!

I needed to sort this mess of fabric by blue family (cool – cobalt; warm – cyan or aquamarine; muted / grayed; closer to green – teals; closer to purple – periwinkle) and then by value (light to dark).  It was imperative that I had good light to judge and group the fabrics.  

And of course, I needed someone to keep me grounded and on task, lest I drift off.

I was dog sitting for friends over the weekend and this is Cash, a 6 year old black horse coat Chinese Shar Pei (who happens to be Drake's nephew) keeping my toes toasty warm.

After some time, this is what I ended up with so I could start on the upper left section or what I am calling the Angled Section.

This is not the exact layout sketch but close enough for figuring out placement of colors. 

I had a full size pattern on newsprint paper that I promptly cut apart into all of its pieces. BIG mistake!  I should have only cut down to the three wedges & just stitched the wedges using the paper as the foundation.  Stupid me – by cutting it apart, I just set myself up for alignment issues. And Alignment issues I had. So what?  

That meant I had to Un-Sew… a lot.  I detest un-sewing with a passion.  A burning, red hot hatred of un-sewing! 

To add fuel to the un-sewing fire, I basted the pattern pieces to the fabric chunks. 

 Unfortunately, some pieces were basted face up & some were basted face down so two bisecting strips were sewn to the patches all wrong. ACK!!!

Don’t ask me where my brain was at!  I have no idea, but clearly I wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

Finally, finally, finally, I have the Angled Section stitched together - this took most all afternoon!

Paper still on 3 patches of the section

 The quilting plan for this section is not yet decided but I’m thinking something with lots of texture to play across the big nine patches.  If you look close, you’ll notice that the big patches are divided my nine strips, so it’s a nine patch divided by a nine patch!

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