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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Large but Not Squishy Box Arrived

 A box from ARKANSAS!!!

While the DH knew my machine was away for its makeover, he neglected to call me the minute this box arrived at the front door.  I forgave him because he was rather involved in a room makeover (more on that later).  He did bring it when it arrived because Fed Ex rang the doorbell, so he gets credit for that. But REALLY?! No phone call – sigh.  On a side note, he also didn’t think it was my sewing machine because it didn’t weigh that much.  I need to educate him on the finer points of the Singer Featherweight – like they don’t weigh a ton. Get it? Feather Weight!

I was excited and nervous at the same time!  I was literally too scared to open the box by myself.   I know that sounds ridiculously crazy and it was.   But I waited for years to pull the trigger on this project and here it finally was – right in front of me.  DH placed it on the coffee table, grabbed the scissors and gently cut through the tape.  There aren’t any pictures of the process because I was totally in the moment, not thinking about anything else.  While my Sweet Man carefully wrestled the machine out of the box, I snatched out the foot controller and unwrapped it.

And thought there was a mistake – it looked black.  Even my DH commented: “Is it black??  I thought you were getting a COLOR?” I was terrified!  What had I picked?  Is this really my machine??

Part of the problem is that the lighting in the living room in the evening is wretched.   I like LIGHT, DH likes light – minimal amounts of little tiny soft white light.  I swear he’d live in a cave if he could.   Once we got the machine unwrapped from a mile of bubble wrap, it still looked dark, like black dark. CRAP!!  But then, I carried it into the kitchen where the lighting (almost totally my domain) is almost bright enough to do surgery – all was AWESOME!!!
Looking deep wine in Sunlight
Yes, ‘Wild Cherry’ is a dark color, think, perfect dark Bing Cherry, with an almost violet undertone.   None of these pictures really do the color justice, the shine of the machine does not let it photograph well.

Defused indirect light from the left with flash
It’s deep and rich and perfect!!  And it looks different, in different light. 

More Violet on the Sewing table with the light behind me
I think the color pays homage to the FW’s original factory black finish, while sharing my flair for color.  I didn’t even bother to try to take pictures of it Friday night.  I waited until Saturday in the studio.
Thank you, Gerald Holmes!!!  Featherweight in Color is his website - check it out.

You not only did a beautiful job on my FW, you helped me celebrate a Milestone birthday with a lasting gift that has a past, present and future!

While I am thrilled to have my new Wild Cherry FW, it was a long time coming (totally worth the wait) and I will cherish her.  I can already tell you that this will not be my only repainted machine.  I have a sinking feeling getting them repainted is addictive – like building a fabric stash, getting a tattoo or eating potato chips. You can have just one!  But it won't be for quite a long while.


  1. Beautiful! So happy for you.

  2. Wow! That is a beautiful machine! The more I look at it the more I love it.