A View of My Quilt Life

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nine Patch Assembled!!

It's a nearly done!

The Nine Patch Project is fully quilted and assembled, just needing the binding.

It was so cool to see the top done and already quilted, rather than just a pieced top.  The 'Quilt as You Go' method has it's advantages.  It has it's own set of challenges, but I liked using it for this project. 

Sometimes when using this method, the pieces have some areas to be quilted after being assembled, if the quilt design flows from one area to the next.  That wasn't the case here as you can see from the detail pictures below.  Each section had its own quilting design.

I was so over with the machine quilting on the ninth sections blocks, that I left a few areas unquilted (see pinned areas below) until after the binding was attached.  

Part of the issue with these little sections if that the stopping/pivot point needs to be right up against the binding edge or seam edge to have it look clean and neat.

The binding will be pieced from 9 strips, of course, to keep the nine theme going to the last.  The accent piece will be added after its bound.


  1. Lovely work as always dear friend.

  2. It's nice to see the different textures you have created with the quilting. The whole thing is fascinating!