A View of My Quilt Life

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nine Within Nine

Finally - The Ninth Section has been pieced!

Late Thursday night, the last 4 nine patches surrounding the inner nine patch block was pieced.  Since I had made this section without a clear cut plan on paper, the fabric choices took a little more time to decide than the other sections. 

I have to admit that the Bali ‘Breakers’ Bali Pops came in really handy for the two shaded nine patch blocks.  And for a bonus, the remainder of these strips will become the binding of the quilt.  I think it will finish off the Nine Patch project perfectly, but that’s getting ahead of myself.

Now it’s time to get this section quilted. The inner nine patch will be done in rays, coming from the upper accent piece corner. The outer ring of nine patch blocks will be quilted as close to how the larger identical sections are quilted.  Some of them will need to be simplified, of course. But since I don’t have the make design decisions, the actual machine quilting should go quicker.

Here's a quick shot of the Ninth Section top with the accent section pinned in place.

On to the machine!


  1. This is a definite stand alone piece, the red center makes the entire design look great.

  2. Wow! Love your variations on 9s!