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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Quilting the 'Nine within Nine' Section

Remember when I said "But since I don’t have the make design decisions, the actual machine quilting should go quicker." 

I must have been slightly delusional at that moment.  Why I always think the quilting will go quicker than it does, I'll never know!  This particular section measures 32" x 36".  The easiest part was the center.  I quilted rays emanating from the upper right corner of the lower left block on the accent piece.  

The rays took an hour to mark and stitch out. The rest of the blocks in this section seemed to take forever. It could have been that I was ready to be done with the quilting so I could move on to assembling the the last of the parts.  I was anxious to see all of the parts together as a whole!  

In the meantime, I auditioned the accent piece in each of the four possible placements. 

Light upper right

Light lower left

Light lower right

Light upper left
Where it will end up is anyone's guess - mine too!

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  1. Keep up the good work. I always take longer quilting than I think I should. This looks beautiful.