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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wild Cherry goes Cherry Limeade

I was supposed to be working on the Nine Patch over the weekend and I did.


I got distracted. (No big surprise there)

It’s not my fault!! Wild Cherry is home and she is proudly sitting on the cutting table.

Just sitting there - Naked.

I’ve waited so long to indulge myself in a painted FW and then endured the time she was away having the makeover done that I sure as heck wasn’t going to shove her in the case & tuck her away!  But the machine looked, well, machine like.  So, that started a conversation in my head with Inside Voice and it went something like this:

Inside Voice - “Of course, it looks machine like.  That’s because it is a Sewing MACHINE! DUH!!! How is it supposed to look – like a Pillow??”

Me - “NO - Not like a Pillow. Just softer than a machine and like it’s at home and happy and cozy.”

IV - “It’s a Sewing Machine – how’s it supposed to look cozy?”

Me - “HMMMM, Good Question. With fabric accessories – that’s how!”

Like a flash , I was off on a tangent, digging in the stash, thinking about what to make and which fabric was right, something that captured her spirit, her history, her new finish.

IV - “It’s a MACHINE!”

Sometimes, Inner Voice is really, Really, REALLY annoying! GEESH!!

This is what I dug out of the stash – Cherry Limeade batik!

I quilted it with simple diagonal cross-hatching
I’ve had this for several years and it’s been waiting for just the right project.  It’s perfect for this!  Oh, you want to know what ‘this’ is?

It’s a quilted bed protector.  With a bright pink wavy batik for binding.

Featherweights have a tiny design flaw.  The face plate thumb screw will scratch the bed of the machine when it is folded up for storage in its case.  

Not going to happen on my watch!  Enter the bed protector.

I took some basic measurements, added a little for seam allowances and fitting room, added just a little more for quilting shrinkage and got busy. 

But then the foot controller was feeling left out.

IV - “Oh, for Pete’s sake – now what??!!”

A little matching quilted bag for the foot controller to protect its new finish from scratches and dings.

Wild Cherry is feeling very cozy and at home now.

Me – “But what if she gets cold now that it’s autumn and winter is coming?  “

IV - “You have lost your mind!!  It’s a MACHINE”

Yes, it is a machine - a finely crafted, precision machine with a gorgeous new paint job that needs to be protected for many years to come.

I’m thinking matching dust cover. 

Going to need a few more measurements here…

Oh, and Inside Voice – Just so you know, they sell FW protective cover sets on eBay for around $70.  I used fabric from the stash and batting scraps – so there! PFFFT!!!

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  1. The bed protector is a great idea, and she looks very snug in it.