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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Punkins, Punkins, Punkins!!

It's that time of the year - Punkin Huntin Time!!

I have a difficult time facing the fact the summer is in the rear view mirror.   I am usually in denial until the first snowflake falls.  One thing that eases the transition is the Annual Punkin Huntin Day!

This is one of the days that gets blocked on the calendar back on New Year's Day.  This was the third year of gathering with friends to head to a local small family owned farm.  Normally they have an awesome selection of varieties but this year the wetter than normal August weather affected the crop. Bummer!  

But no fear, we managed just fine.

And then we stopped by another farm a distance away - different growing conditions - to round out the varieties.

On the way home, DH & I stopped by our favorite nursery for some fall color.

Totally blown away by this variety of ornamental kale. The color is washed out but the center is vibrant red-violet!  It's called: Peacock Red.

And a lemon yellow hardy mum for contrast.

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  1. Face it dear friend, snow is on the way! Evil aren't I. Hugs.....