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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover and Where's My Light?

Our Master Bedroom was more than overdue for a makeover.

It was last painted when we moved in over 11 years ago. YIKES!! I couldn't find a picture of the old walls, but imagine a deep grayed blue double rolled with a cream, in a roller ragged effect. It was nice but of course, seriously dated looking.

Not to mention that this room still had carpeting on the floor - ICK!  Since it is on the main level of the house, it was already slated to get the same vinyl 'barn wood' floor that we laid in the living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway. 

Drake helping hold down the edge of the new area rug
After this, only the second bedroom/office and the main bathroom still need the new flooring

Back when we were working on the living/dining/hallway, we purchased one of the paint colors for the bedroom - Martha Stewart Living 'Tobacco Road'. 

Think gravel - a warm, creamy, yellow-tan gravel. The accent wall color was never purchased because we weren't sure back then what, if any, special effect was going to be used.  It turns out the was a good decision - no special effect for this room!

Since DH sleeps in there, I wanted him to pick the other paint color. He was kind of surprised that I was giving up complete color control.  YEP!  I did and I was okay with it. Hey, I never consulted him on the coral shade I painted the downstairs bedroom where I sleep.  

So after a bit of standing in front of hundreds of paint cards, with no idea of which way he was leaning, he wrestles out the last paint card from behind the plastic holder of...
"Winter's Day"

Yep - just like it sounds - bluish grey fog color.

I must say DH really did a great job on the room redo.  From the beginning, I was hands off.  My schedule just didn't allow me to participate, given the fact he wanted it done in roughly a week - from pulling out the old carpeting to fluffing the pillows.  

Zena helping hold the opposite edge of the rug
We had the flooring already purchased, along with the area rug.  We did have to spring for some extra Kilz primer, the new paint color and the new closet doors.  Still need to pick out new curtains and install the closet doors. Totally loving the fact that the easy care floor is now in this room too!

And my new sewing lamp? The cool new Ikea lamp I bought it on Saturday, and used for the first time on Sunday?

The DH was out of town until Monday and by Tuesday - he had my brand new sewing lamp in use for cutting the flooring.
Lamp being used by DH & a kitty tail photo bombing
I may have to buy a second one to keep mine safe.

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