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Friday, October 3, 2014

Bailing Out & Bali Charms to the Rescue!

I Bailed Out!

I Bailed Out .......on starting the large upper right section.
I just was not ready to tackle that section on a week night.  It needs a longer stretch of time to work it!  But that doesn't mean I didn't hit the studio. No Excuses - Need to move forward on this project.
I switched over to the center square section.  I am repeating the 3 x 3 layout of traditional nine patches from the red accent square.

Bali Charms to the Rescue!!

Yes - I have mid tones!! And some great lights & deep darks.  The two small piles on the right side are the blue shades that lean more toward the aqua/teal/turquoise. They are separated out from the clearer true blues.

Tonight was all about teeny squares - they'll finish at 3/4 inch.  Here's the prelim layout:

And it's not quite up to snuff. I only have 7 fabrics here and the color transition is not smooth enough.  I need to dig back into the stash and switch out some of these squares. Surprise - it needs more mid tones! ARGH! I knew it, i just knew it when i was laying it out.

The coming weekend is all mine - I'll be in the studio.  There will be Downton Abbey on the DVD player and chips & salsa at the ready.  Drake will be tucked under the sewing table keeping me company and DH is heading out of town.

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