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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Uneven Nine Patch(es)

Another section of the Nine Patch done!

Sunday afternoon, between loads of laundry, I tackled the smallest of the blue sections – just 12” x 14”.   

It’s pieced and quilted already.  I guess you’d call it an uneven nine patch, inside an uneven nine patch, inside an uneven nine patch.  The smallest square on the innermost block is a half inch finished. 

I find myself debating more than normal over fabric choices for the blue sections.  It’s because of the value issue I have – not a lot of clear light true blue in my stash.   After I finished this section, I remembered I have a few charm packs of blue & green batiks stashed in a different cabinet – bought them for this project and promptly forgot about them when I started pulling fabric. 

They will be a big help when I move on to the upper right section – it measures 32” x 36” and I want to work the nine patches in colorwash style. At least, I think I do. And maybe a collage of different size nine patches.  Going to take some planning there – back to the graph paper I go!

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