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Friday, October 17, 2014

Mystery Quilt Anyone??


Yep – Bonnie Hunter strikes again!  This year’s Mystery Quilt is called  "Grand Illusion" 

The inspiration for this quilt came from her visit to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island this past spring.  And last week the colors cards were released, along with yardage requirements.

Check it out and join the fun.  The mystery quilt is a blast to do, as it unfolds every Friday from the Day after Thanksgiving until we are done with how ever many steps it takes.  Everything is very carefully broken down into doable steps for everyone from beginners to advanced quilters.

Of course, I do like the colors Bonnie picked and understand why everyone is going crazy over them.  Here they are, plus black and neutral.  These are Valspar color cards - the exact paint card numbers & yardage requirements are listed on the Quiltville blog.

My pinks may either end up rose & muted pink shades or run from rose to hot pink, magenta & even violet.  And my grass greens may lean more to the lime shades.  I like the golden yellow with Bonnie’s colors but if I change my other colors, the yellow may end up being lemon. 

My neutral is still up in the air, as that choice depends on the other colors. I’ll most likely use 1 yellow, 1 neutral (white or light cream) and 1 black fabric.  The pinks and greens will be varied, pulled from the fat quarter stash.  Of course, they will all be batiks.  I love the fact we are using black in this quilt. It just makes everything else just pop!

I need to spend some times digging in the stash and pulling fabric for the mystery but I am trying to focus on finishing the current Nine Patch Project because that deadline is coming up quick!  Last year I didn't even pull my mystery quilt fabrics until Thanksgiving Day!

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were working on Celtic Solstice but also like Grand Illusion has been a long time coming – like a quilting time warp. 

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  1. I'm excited about it!

    Not sure what colours I'll use (Bonnie's look pretty but I might do something different), or what size quilt I'll make (I really don't need another large one), but I love the experience, so want to be in it!