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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Wicked Sneak Peek

The Wicked Challenge quilt is due in Minnesota by August 1st. Which meant it was time to get busy on this project! 

I've had the fabric since May and only managed to get it washed on Friday.  That's it - the sum total of my progress before the weekend.  Oh sure, I had tossed a few design idea around but there was no full size sketch to work from, no color decisions made.

On Sunday, I allowed myself the morning to machine quilt on the DDD project, swearing to put that aside & devote the whole afternoon to my Wicked project.

I did well - I drew a full size (20"x 20" sketch), hung it up on the sliding glass door & hated it!

More accurately, I started to second guess myself. Big Time.  I went so far as to bring the laptop down to the studio & started to surf the web, looking for a new design inspiration.  With time flying by, I stopped that nonsense and moved forward - the wicked and wonderful boot idea was my first design concept & I needed to stick with it and make it happen.

Color was easy - I had 3 shades of Wicked green plus black.  Only other Cherrywood fabric in other colors is allowed as long as combined they can't exceed 40% of the top.  The four Wicked colors must make up 60% or more of the top.
I chose purple shades as my other color, with a touch of sand. 

The base of the top - lots of fiddly bits, detail work and some embellishment to go, not to mention machine quilting.

And there's another project that saw some finishing work this past weekend that I will share tomorrow!  Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at this project.

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