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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saving and Sharing on Sunday

I'm behind - I admit it. 
I don't like it but I am behind on my blog reading.

And because I am behind, I didn't find out about a new challenge, until it was too late to link up.  You all know I am a challenge junkie but this isn't the kind of challenge that requires fabric up front. 

It's Val's Quilting Studio: 2nd Annual Piggy Bank Challenge !!

By saving change and the odd one or five dollar bill, Val & her husband have a competition over the course of a year to see who saved more.  Val uses her found money for quilting fabric. 

I've been in the habit of saving change for years!  But of course, I take it to the next level - I sort my change into 3 banks. Okay, I know that sounds ridiculous but let me explain.  These are my "banks".

Half gallon bottles - pennies, nickels & dimes, and quarters
First - let's be clear: I did NOT empty these bottles by myself!!  I did participate in the emptying but that's a whole other story.  They are perfect for saving change - wide neck & large capacity.  The penny bottle has exactly one penny in it right now, as it was cashed out recently. 

I collect loose change into this tin on my dresser. When it's full or when the mood hits, I sort pennies in one bottle, dimes & nickels in another and quarters in the third.  

WHY??? you ask.  

So I can gauge how much money I have saved up as the bottle fills.  Once the bottles are completely full, the pennies total around $27,  the dimes and nickels combined are around $150. and finally the quarters come in around $350.  Knowing the amount the full bottles contain means I can estimate my savings by the level at any given moment.

What I don't know is how long it takes me to fill them up because that varies.  But by using this post and Val's blog as a reminder, I will see how much change gets added in a year.

As for the odd dollar bills, they get saved somewhere else entirely.  What about you - do you save spare change and what do you spend it on? 

And even though it's too late to link up on Val's blog - how about seeing how much you can save in a year?

UPDATE:  I have linked up on Val's blog - check it out! Thanks for opening the linky back up, Val!


  1. Hi CHerry! I added ya to the list of participants!! Whoo! Woo! Thanks for the awesome shout out too!! And...this is my first visit to your blog so added myself as a GFC follower...if ya stop by again, I hope you'll like what ya see and follow too.

    1. PS: DUe to popular request, I extended the linky until July 20th...so please do link your post up. SMILES! V:)

  2. I like your piggy banks. I might have to rethink what kind of piggy bank I want to save my change in. LOL. Good luck.

  3. I am in just saw the challenge this am and it was gracious of Val to extend the date.

  4. Cute! But that is a challenge I would definitely lose, as I don't accumulate change. Whenever I buy something, I try to pay with change. I avoid breaking notes as long as I can!

  5. Those are great "piggy banks"! I am resisting becoming that obsessive about my saving though as I already have different stashes of money here and there that are labelled for different things. Now just when are you going to tell us the story behind the bottles?