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Monday, July 7, 2014

OH - I'm in Deep Color Now!!!

And it's not fabric...

I have discovered custom automobile paint!  
While hunting auto makers site, looking for a paint color I liked for the Featherweight refinish, I ran across a website called 'House of Kolor', originally a custom paint shop, now part of the Valspar Automotive Coatings Division.  
Wild Cherry
What it all boils down to is they have an AMAZING color selection.
 Which means I don't have to settle on the current auto makers colors - which frankly, are mostly boring! 
Oriental Blue
I can have fun, rich, bright Kandy colors. OH MY!!!
And that's the Problem with a capital P.
So what's the Problem, you ask??  
I have to chose just one!!  
Oh, yeah - I already emailed to make sure this brand can be used and the answer is Yes!
So now it's entirely up to me. These custom Kandy color will increase the price of the refinish job but if I'm going to do this, I going to do this right.  After all, a girl only turns this age once and this is my birthday present to myself!  Now I have to make a decision, stick to it & send the Featherweight off to Arkansas.  More on that process later.

Update:  Vireya at Vireya's Blog  told me to search PPG color chart (PPG manufactures auto paint for my auto makers). And I did.  Oh, this is too cool - look hundreds of auto paints to view and you can search them by year, then sort them by color family or auto maker or finish... Oh My!

A quilter can only take so much color before our brain explodes!  I need to go touch some fabric.

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  1. Wow, those House of Kolor colours are fantastic! Have fun picking one. Your machine is going to be a work of art!