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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Next Challenge Quilt is Underway!

July is here and I'm on to the Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller challenge!

The Challenge Fabric Collection
You know that old saying that you can inspiration anywhere and usually when you least expect it? Well, it’s true & it happened to me on this project.  Driving home last week, I go through an older residential neighborhood and I spot these wood trim decorations on the side of a cute bungalow. 

Do you see the prairie style influence in them?  I do but I’m turning it modern! I think this will make a cute baby quilt.  On Saturday, I graphed it out on paper and got busy.
Center Pieced - waiting for the side sections

So far the center is pieced. I need to be careful with my cutting as I only have a yard of the background grey.  I want to use what I purchased already for this – no extra trips to the fabric store. 

Coordinating Fabric I Purchased
 I think I can, I think I can…

In the meantime, the DDD quilt is hanging on the design wall waiting for inspiration on how to quilt it to walk through the door.  Maybe I need to drive around some more and see what I can find. You just never know!

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  1. Brilliant! That decorative trellis is perfect for a modern quilt design. It shows there is inspiration everywhere if you keep your eyes open.