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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Color Under Consideration

And now for something completely different... car pictures!

Deep Cranberry

WHAT????  Are you changing this to a motorhead blog??  WHAT do you know about cars and WHY are we looking at pictures of cars here, instead of quilts??
Electric Blue

Because cars and my sewing machine have something in common, or at least they will in the very near future.  The 1949 (still unnamed) Featherweight has been to the repair shop and is ready for her extreme spa treatment. 
Dark Plum

The only thing holding up this trip is I need to pick a new paint color.  That's the car tie in - they use auto paint when refinishing sewing machines. 
Seamist Green

And I need to pick a color.

It's harder than picking colors for repainting rooms because I can't just paint over it, if it's not quite right. So it needs to be right. I need to decide. I'm spending some (a lot) of time online looking at different makes & models & colors of cars.
And as I drive to work, I'm looking at cars on the road with me a little differently.

These four are still in the running, with more to weed through. What do you think if these?  Let me know - I'm need all the help I can get.


  1. The little Featherweight NEEDS to be cherry red of course!

  2. I love the cranberry or plum colours, but I'd probably go for a lighter colour myself for a sewing machine. Maybe just because I've been sewing on a light grey machine for so many years! There used to be a Mazda colour which I would describe as custard, about half-way between yellow and orange, that I love. But they only have boring colours now (here, at least) like grey, silver, darker grey and black.