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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Tell-All

Another week with a Missing Monday post!
Hopefully this won’t become a trend. 

I was busy over the weekend, even managing to squeeze in some non-studio/stitching activities even – more on that later. 
Never fear, I did spend a good bit of time in the studio – most of it was stitch, stop, turn, stitch, stop, turn, lather, rinse, repeat.

In other words, the machine quilting on the DDD challenge quilt continued. It has really come a long way, though it’s hard to get good photos of the quilting at this point.   I am happy with my progress but since it needs to be dropped off by Thursday, I need to hurry up even more.   Two sides of the binding have been attached but not turned.  I kind of jumped ahead on this step since the borders have all been quilted even though two rows interiors still need quilting added.  This project is being handled a bit differently but it’s okay, sometimes you need to think & quilt outside the box.  Rest assured no quilt was harmed in the jumping around of the quilting, though I am certain a few quilting rules were broken. 

At the same time, the Wicked challenge quilt is nearing the finish line as well.  It was layered and quilted on Friday/Saturday and I was stitching down the turned to the back self-binding yesterday on my breaks & lunch.  

The finishing touches were added last night & it should be on its way to Minnesota later this morning. I’m hoping I don’t suddenly decide it needs ‘just a little more’ as I go pack it into the shipping box. Cross your fingers!  Here are some in progress pictures from the weekend.

Quilting started

I’ll post the finished picture once I am sure it is actually a FINISH!

I’ve never had two projects, both not done, this close to the same deadline – YIKES!  That’s where the DH is really going to pitch in & help this week – taking over chores & cooking so I can have every spare minute to work on them.  Hope your projects are all on track and ahead of schedule!

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  1. Looking good so far - I'm looking forward to seeing both finishes!