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Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Hobbes!!!

Happy 15th Birthday Hobbes!!! 

Am. Ch. Riverrun’s Wimbledon in fine form!

We call this picture Flying Hobbie - one day it may become a quilt.

 It was taken several years ago but captures his personality – he throws himself into most every bit of life wholeheartedly, albeit a little slower these days.

He manages just fine for his age, though he has some issues with his back and hind legs. Not much slows him down and nothing has stopped him yet.  Last week, he managed to stick his whole head into the box of Milk bones & help himself! He had planned on eating his way to the bottom until I intervened, grabbing the box in one hand & his scruff in the other. He still managed to gobble up way more than he should have eaten at one time.

His birthday was celebrated with a special dinner - a small amount of Italian beef with a few french fries on top of his dog food.  Right before bed, he had a tablespoon of eclair cake, minus the chocolate frosting.  Oh, and I found out later that he started his day by having his morning pill inside a bit of cinnamon roll!  All in all it was a great birthday celebration.

Hobbes has been with me since he was six months old, getting DH for a daddy at the age of 4 and 1/2.  

That's when all the fun started and my rules went right out the window. It used to be that Hobbes was not allowed on the furniture. Now he has his own special spot, with his own flannel quilt.

Some rules are just made to be broken.  Life is short and every day he's still with us is a blessing.

One tired birthday dog - ready for bed and some milk bone dreams. Good Night Everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday Hobbie boy! Sam and Pepper send wishes for many more milk bone gorging days.

  2. Happy birthday, gorgeous dog!

    Hobbes has a very snuggle-able face.