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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Petal Pinwheels - Prairie Style!

It’s a FINISH!! 
 “Petal Pinwheels - Prairie Style”

And my entry in to the Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller fabric challenge. 

Entries are due July 25th – so I made it with two days to spare!  Actually it was done last week except for stitching down the binding, which kept getting pushed aside by other projects.  Tuesday night was it! I was feeling the need to spend some evening TV time with the DH and the dogs were feeling clingy. Why?  I have no idea but as soon as I settled into my spot, before I could put down my teacup, never mind pick up my hand work – there was Drake! He thumped down next to me & pretty much passed out to deep doggy sleep – stretched out to his full length and snoring!  Hobbes nicely settled himself in his spot on the other side of me, after the requisite ear stroking of course - his lovely Beagle ears are like satin.

It worked out okay as I was able to just stay boxed in by the boys as I stitched my way around the edge, chatting with the DH, sipping some peppermint tea. A lovely relaxing, yet productive evening. 

Proper pictures were taken last night & my entry duly uploaded!  And while I was taking quilt pictures, I couldn't resist a shot of the giant hostas on the side of the house.  I live the intense lavender color flowers on them.

Tonight I add some details I've worked out for the Wicked challenge quilt - fusing will hopefully go fast!

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  1. Congratulations on finishing, and all the best in the challenge!

    The hosta flowers are lovely - I've never seen them flower in real life.