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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild Challenge - Progress

We've experienced some severe thunderstorms on Monday, precluding any desire to sit at my sewing machine & risk it’s electrical system! 

I was watching the weather front roll into the area on the laptop – unplugged & wirelessly connected, with an eye toward possible tornado activity popping up.  The night before, there were weather warnings  going off and funnel clouds spotted just a town or two north of us. We never even heard a thing, except for some thunder & basically slept through the whole storm. Go figure!

My plan was to work on the next sections of the Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller challenge and I did - last night instead. Here's my progress.

And a close up of the quilt plan - you can see I still need to make the corner pieces for the frame effect to look like something.

It's coming along.

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  1. Glad the storm wasn't anything to worry about. Your quilt is looking interesting - looking forward to seeing it with the corners!