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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

A few updates to share...

According to UPS, the Featherweight arrived in Arkansas late Tuesday morning.  Waiting to hear from Gerald on the approximate time frame, extent of work, etc.  Fingers are crossed.

On August 7th, Cherrywood Fabrics announced on their Facebook page that they expanded the WICKED traveling collection to 96 quilts!!  

My WICKED...Walking is among those that will be traveling for various exhibits over the next year.  But since they now have 4 times the original number of travelers, there are no guarantees that all of them will hang in the Broadway exhibit.

Do I want my quilt on Broadway?  Heck YES!!
Am I just as excited to be a part of the Traveling Exhibit? Double Heck YES!!!

Road Trip?  Yep - it's time to hit the highway.  Well, next week, anyway.  In honor of my birthday, I will be enjoying the AQS Grand Rapids, MI Quilt Week!  

No, I won't be there for the whole show but I am going.  Can't wait to be inspired by all the quilts on exhibit and visit the many vendors.   That won't be the only stop I make and I'll be taking pictures to share when I can.


  1. Wonderful news that your quilt will be in the traveling show - Broadway Bound!

    Enjoy your trip to GR and to the cottage/Shipshe...see, I am pretty sure I figured out what you have up your sleeve.

    Happy Natal Day!!!!

  2. Exciting news! Those boots were made for travelling!

    Quilt Week sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your big day.