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Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday Connections

My Birthday celebrating was delayed a bit this year by other happenings but was definitely worth the wait!

Several years ago, I vowed to wake up on my birthday at the Michigan house. 

 While that sounds easy enough, Sweet Man does take exception to that.  It's hard to wish your wife 'Happy Birthday' and start her day off right, when she's 2 and a half hours away!  So now I just try to get close as possible to the actual day.  

I should explain why this was my particular wish because I'm sure some will think it odd.  What's so special about being at the Michigan house on your birthday?   When I was a kid, we were always here for my birthday, having been blessed with spending entire summers running wild on our gravel road, through the woods and across sandy beaches.  

My birthday marked not only me getting a year older, but a reminder that summer was drawing to a close and soon it would be time to head back to the city (ICK!) and school (double ICK!).  Definitely bittersweet birthdays!    

My tie to this place is older than I am - my mom came here earlier in the summer before I was born.  This morning the grass was heavy with dew from overnight rain.  The sun is not quite up but my toes are bright.

Hey, look - 50 year old feet!   

These feet have been walking this land for 50 years!  Technically, not in this exact spot though because this is where the twin to this maple stood.  

It was removed over 25 years ago so the house could be built where once only a cottage stood.  That makes this particular spot in the yard a favorite of mine.  It's where I like to stand to be connected with the place on a primal level. 

And it's an awesome place to enjoy the quiet, sit, stitch & quilt!

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