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Monday, August 18, 2014

August Celebrations Have Begun!

I have a confession to make...

I am a bit of a Diva when it comes to my birthday.  

Okay, to be honest,  I turn into the Empress of the Universe, with many minions gathered about to do my bidding and pay me the homage due to a person of my grand stature.  At least, that's how it is in my mind if not in real life!

My idea of properly celebrating one's natal day is to devote the entire month of your special day indulging in as many whims as possible, ramping up exponentially as the day draws nearer.  I've rather started out slowly this year but am picking up steam!

Saturday was the wedding of a dear friend's son, a young man we watched grow up from a teenager. The bride, his very long time girlfriend who we know very well. It was wonderful to gather with friends and enjoy the special day.  I can hardly believe it was over 10 years ago that the groom  attended our living room wedding and was Hobbes, the beagle's attendant.

The wedding ceremony touching and beautiful, the reception a joyful celebration.  I had my own mini celebration.  My wonderful Sweet Man & I danced!!  The very first slow dance right after the bride & groom's first dance, we took to the floor.   DH had a BAD hip and endured 6 surgeries to get his hip replacement.  We didn't dance at either of our weddings.  But Saturday night , we hit the dance floor for one song.  It was sweet & wonderful!!!!

As the batiks and my quilting tools are already packed for next week, no sewing time was to be had this past weekend.  I've decided to take the Singer workhorse this trip, though Wendy, the 301A is begging for a project to run her motor on.  Sewing time will be short enough that I don't want to waste a minute getting in sync with her idiosyncrasies.  Soon, just not this week.  There is too much celebrating to do!

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