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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gearing Up & Getting Ready

Over the previous 2 years, I have taken many Road Trips but since returning to the workforce, not so much.  To say I’m hoping that all the planets align so I can head out later this afternoon is an understatement.   The primary focus of this trip it the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Week. 

I’ve attended the show for the past 2 years and loved it. 

The DeVos Place Convention Center is Light, Bright Spacious, easily accessed from the highway with underground parking and lots of BIG restrooms!! 

My shopping list is a little light this year and that’s okay.  Mostly because I know I’ll find more than I could ever think about looking for – best to keep an open mind.  I always cruise the vendor aisle, shopping on paper first.  Then I take a refreshment break (must stay hydrated!) to look over my notes, weigh out the options, fulfill the required items, using the least expensive, logical solution and then allocate the leftover budget dollars in order of priority or want or whim.  And try NOT to break the bank!!

This year’s most sought after item is a Singer Featherweight bobbin case.

This prized little piece of machinery is going to run around $50. Ouch!  But oh, so necessary!  Yes, I could always just swap the one I have between the 2 FWs, once the unnamed 1949 is back from her Spa makeover.  But I can foresee me grabbing a FW case, not checking for the bobbin case & ending up very frustrated far away from home with no working sewing machine.  ACK!! The stuff of nightmares!

I’ll be hunting bargains on backing fabric, some YLI thread for the stash (LOVE their thread!) 

and maybe, a bargain book or two.

Once I get those purchases squared away I am open to whatever the Universe drops in my lap.

Okay, okay… I’ll confess. 

I mapped out 3 saddle shops on my travel route to try to visit. So it’s not all about the quilting – much like my life.  Remaining open and out of the studio leads to inspiration for the studio time!

 And then there is a winery or possibly two for tasting visits, though not on the same day.   I am so excited!!!

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