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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trip, Threads and Tiara

I'm in Michigan -  No other place has the power to refresh me like this does.  Apparently, now that kids are going back to school this week, summer has arrived. Sunny, hot & humid with a few thunderstorms popping up every couple of days.  I could do without the humidity but otherwise, I'm good!

I hit the AQS show yesterday and will share thoughts on that next week.  My postings for the rest of this week will be rather sporadic - lots of miles to cover, friends to see & things to do.  But I will tease you all a bit with a some of my shopping finds.

Thread - Yes, YLI was a the show.  I went with the 1200 yd. 30 wt. spools - good all around thread for piecing and machine quilting.

It's hard to see but these are all lightly variegated threads.  Show special - 8 spools for $40.  They also have a great 40 wt. machine quilting thread and amazing hand quilting thread.  I could have spent a lot more time & money in their booth.

Meanwhile, back at the house, I have pulled out some fabric. It's all about the reds, oranges and pinks. As usual, I have commandeered the dining room table for my work area.  Good thing no one else is here.

Oh - news flash!  The Michigan house has moved in to the 21st century - the wireless connection is up and running.  This makes things so much easier - like posting to my blog.  I even have a new traveling mouse pad - picked up two of them for $1 each.

And finally, one of my other quilt show purchases yesterday.

This girl will be appropriately decked out for birthday celebrations this weekend...tiara and all!

See you in a day or two ... or three *wink*

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