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Friday, August 15, 2014

Batiks, Backings but No Boots!

It is officially, official – my featherweight is safely in Gerald’s hands and has taken its place in line to be refinished.

Not much stitching has been done this week.  I’ve been busy with work, chores and shopping.

Shoe shopping!!!

Oh, the wondrous world of fancy shoes.  I need a pair for the weeding this weekend and heels are OUT!  Just can’t wear them anymore, though there were many pairs of strappy wedge sandals and fancy glittery heels just begging to go home with me!   For the first time ever I visited DSW – dang!!  This place had some great styles and killer boots.  No matter how hard I looked,  I didn’t find a pair of purple Wicked boots – shame. 

I did find a pretty, though a little prim, pair of silver studded linen flats.

And a pair of pewter beaded strappy flat sandals.

Now I just need to decide which ones work better with the dress 

and my graceful clumsiness.

Thinking past this weekend and on towards my Road Trip, fabric needs to be pulled out, sorted and packed to go with me.  I will have one (1) day next week in the quiet of the Michigan house to play with fabric, sip some wine & hopefully not stitch my fingers together.   I want a good selection of batiks with me.  I don’t want to have to rent a UHaul trailer, at least not for the trip up there. *wink*

Last night was the beginning of the Grand Sorting.    This is the entire blue batik stash.

And here is the entire green batik stash.

 This is what I’ve narrowed it down to:

And these are the blues and greens staying home 

Yep - pretty much everything blue or green is going!

This is the part of the red/orange/pink stash that's going with:

Did I mention I would have only one sewing day?  I hope this is enough to keep me busy.

I packed all the quilty things last night.  Someone wasn't happy about that and refused to look at me.

Well, as a backup, cause there always has to be a backup plan, this quilt needs a back and to be layered. 

Looking at it all together and really thinking about it, I should have found a pale aqua/turquoise instead of the cream for the lights in the nine patch and the alternate solid blocks.  I think it would have worked better and really made the turquoise fabrics pop more.  Not totally liking all the cream.  I may just go crazy and quilt it with some variegated turquoise thread to add more color into the project and really practice some free motion work on the solid blocks.  

Need a really cool backing.  Not sure what’s in the backing stash… gotta go look.

This is what I found - not quite sure - I may just have to add backing fabric to the shopping list for AQS Grand Rapids. Hehehehehehe! 

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