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Friday, August 29, 2014

Not a Stitch has been Sewn

in the Studio this week.

Not for lack of trying to want to be inspired to create something. Just not there...yet.  It will come, just need a little down time. But that doesn't give me a lot of blog fodder.

So let's talk AQS quilt show thoughts to share:

1. Love the venue, easy access off the highway, underground parking, big, bright, etc.

2.  Love the guild challenge exhibits - each guild enters 8 quilts from a challenge they held over the past year.  They determine the rules, size, theme, etc.  Some AMAZING creativity and craftsmanship is displayed.

3. The special exhibits were great - though I've seen some of these before.   Like New Quilts from Old Favorites, Carolina Lily.  The Stitch Like An Egyptian exhibit was smaller than the previous two years, the tentmakers were not there in person, but there was a video playing describing their process.

4. It seemed like there were fewer competition quilts hanging. Can't really say for sure but it felt light. The quality was fabulous as always. Very inspiring!!!

5.  Way fewer vendors! This was disappointing to me.  It was definitely a let down after driving all the way up to the show. It seemed like the vendor are has shrunk to about half or less than the first year. 

Bottom line - I will really have to think long and hard before I head up there next year. Yes - I was able to purchase most everything on my shopping list but I was not inspired to buy anything new or decadent. The depth in merchandise simply was not there.  And this totally bums me out since this is my birthday trip.

Flip side - there is the Quilt Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, Sept 4-6th, I'm off work that Friday and I heading up there to get my fill of inspiration & shopping - fingers crossed.

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